Hi, I am Taylor and I am a die hard Red Sox Fan. But I am completly honest baseball analyst and neat guy. I will try to post articles as fast as possilbe. You’ll find my predictions about all the teams in my blog and my own "Power Rankings".

This has been a short introduction but thats okay…i’m a short guy.



  1. mpurser@bellsouth.net

    I remember my first trip to Fenway to watch my daughter, Laura Purser, pitch for The Colorado Silver Bullets and then walk with her brother, Steve and manager Phil Niekro into The Big Green Monster to be one of the first two women to sign the wall. Phil was then given a jacket in anticipation of his entrance in August into the Hall of Fame.

    Since then, she has pitched for the USA team and won the World Cup both times against five countries.

    She also was one of two girls in a class of 24 to make 100 on the final test for boot camp for Homeland Security. The the 22 were men. It was the physical.

    Today, she is an investigator for the state attorney general

    in Oklahoma City.

    Her birthday is June 7th and I, her 70 year old father am sure proud of her. So’s Mom.

    What brought chills down my back was walking into the Boston Red Sox locker room that day and seeing ghe lockers decorated with all the names on the girls on the Colorado Silver Bullets.


  2. mpurser@bellsouth.net

    Sir: Please remove the information I sent to you for the blog regarding my daughter, Laura Purser. She has requested this as it violates her security.
    Sorry fof this inconvenience.

    Marvin E. Purser (father)

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