4 Homeruns in the Ninth

Did you happen to hear about that amazing comeback in the ninth in the Dodgers-Padres game? If you didn’t, you must have pencils in your ears. The Dodgers were down 9-5 in the bottom of the ninth when suddenly Marlin Anderson has hit the 4th straight homerun to tie the game up in the ninth. Then the Padres scored a run in the tenth but that didn’t deflate the Dodgers…apparently. In the tenth, Nomar Gaciaparra, (former Red Sock by the way) with a man on base, hit a walkoff homerun to take the lead in the NL West. 


One comment

  1. pelasco@hotmail.com

    I did not see this game unfortunately, but did hear about it. This must have been the best game ever. As a Nomar Garciaparra superfan, I am really hoping that the Dodgers make it to the Playoffs.

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