Angel Alert!

Well, baseball in the month of June has been pretty dull as nothing has changed in the dull and desolate AL East. Red Sox are chillin’ on a very comfortable cushion while the rest of the clubs behind us topple over each other for second. I was getting worried one day about how the Red Sox are in a bit of a slump. But then I look at every other team behind us and see that they’re not doing so hot either. Each teams’, in the last 10 games have gone 6-4 or worse. Yet, in the AL Central, each team has gone 6-4 or better in their last ten games. But, even with all that "excitement" the league still pretty boring. Hopefully, July will be a little more fun.

With the Red Sox still the best team in the league, I take a look around the MLB’s standings and something catches my eye. "Whoa!" I say, "Look at the Angels! They’re 49-30 (.620)! And the Red Sox……oh, my god! They’re only 48-29 (.623). Were about to become the second best team!" I couldn’t believe it! Out of nowhere the Angels are about to be the first team to reach 50 wins! I don’t know how this happened. I just didn’t see it coming. I bet nobody did. Well, all I can say now is "See you in the playoffs!"


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