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Clay “No-Hit” Buchholz

Wow, what a game that was for young 23 year old Clay Buchholz. A no hitter in his 2nd Major League start. I feel so great for this kid and this team, who needed a pickup after a 4-game skid. He really deserves this and I hope he never forgets what he did last night.Boston Red Sox's Clay Buchholz delivers a pitch against the Baltimore Orioles during the first inning in a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston, Saturday, Sept. 1, 2007. Clay was called up from AAA to play for us as we needed a few young players. He actually wasn’t suppose to pitch today. But becuase of Wake’s injury, he started Saturday and, boy, did it pay off. Many times did I think the no-hitter was gone, but then the glove of Dustin Pedroia came out of no where to save the great no-hit chance. Then a great bullet throw to get out a sliding Tejada. Also, Clay did himself a favor after the ball was struck to the left of him. He put his glove up and, Wow!, that ball is in there.

He did a great job to get the win and pick up this team. Great job, Clay. The Fenway Faithful of Red Sox Nation appluad you.


Player Of the Month(s)

I asked for more exciting months this year and I got it. Yankees putting on a mind-blowing surge, while the Cubbies are trying to hang on to their slim lead, and both wild-card races are going crazy! With the Yankees only 5 games behind, we need all of our players to step up and we also need our stars to shine. One of those players who has, and will, carry us into the postseason is Mike Lowell. He leads the team in hits and RBIs, hitting 330. in July, and .362 this month. On top of that, he is a remarkable Gold Glover. He has come up big for us late, making up for Big Papi and Manny, and also has helped the team chemistry. I really hope we keep him and spend a lot of money next year to keep him.


A-Rod has latley been letting his team down. 2 Grand Slams this year, sure. But also more double plays than you can count. Alex hasn’t been coming through in clutch situtions. This will hurt them in the post season. Ever since they got A-Rod they haven’t won a World Series. Maybe a new curse? This may sound crazy but it is accurate so far.

Alex has the most errors of any 3rd baseman in the AL. That is pretty bad. But still with the errors and double plays, the Yankees are in first place in the AL East. The Yankees are hanging in there. But who knows, maybe he’ll slap another ball out of another fielder’s glove again like he did in the 2004 ALCS. 🙂