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Finally, Red Sox make a move to get some good players. They’re not aggresive enough. But now, the Red Sox have a decent bullpen. Schilling, Lestor, and Beckett are all coming back. John Papelbon may come back as a starter. And now, we have added a new pitcher from another country! Daisuke Matsuzaka is his name. But is he worth $8M a year? Some people don’t even think he’ll get 15 wins. No japanese pitcher has had a break-through year. Will he be the one?

I am surprised the Yankees didn’t get him. They seem to get everyone. They lose Sheffield, they gain Andy Pettitte. Now Clemens is going to go with him. But right now the Red Sox are in good shape. Manny isn’t going anywhere. I’m telling you right now. For two years now there has been trade rumors at about this time. And look, he is still on their team. They’re are finally gaining players. May even get J.D. Drew if they’re lucky. But overall, I like how the Red Sox are doing things. They are finally getting it together.