Clay “No-Hit” Buchholz

Wow, what a game that was for young 23 year old Clay Buchholz. A no hitter in his 2nd Major League start. I feel so great for this kid and this team, who needed a pickup after a 4-game skid. He really deserves this and I hope he never forgets what he did last night.Boston Red Sox's Clay Buchholz delivers a pitch against the Baltimore Orioles during the first inning in a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston, Saturday, Sept. 1, 2007. Clay was called up from AAA to play for us as we needed a few young players. He actually wasn’t suppose to pitch today. But becuase of Wake’s injury, he started Saturday and, boy, did it pay off. Many times did I think the no-hitter was gone, but then the glove of Dustin Pedroia came out of no where to save the great no-hit chance. Then a great bullet throw to get out a sliding Tejada. Also, Clay did himself a favor after the ball was struck to the left of him. He put his glove up and, Wow!, that ball is in there.

He did a great job to get the win and pick up this team. Great job, Clay. The Fenway Faithful of Red Sox Nation appluad you.


Player Of the Month(s)

I asked for more exciting months this year and I got it. Yankees putting on a mind-blowing surge, while the Cubbies are trying to hang on to their slim lead, and both wild-card races are going crazy! With the Yankees only 5 games behind, we need all of our players to step up and we also need our stars to shine. One of those players who has, and will, carry us into the postseason is Mike Lowell. He leads the team in hits and RBIs, hitting 330. in July, and .362 this month. On top of that, he is a remarkable Gold Glover. He has come up big for us late, making up for Big Papi and Manny, and also has helped the team chemistry. I really hope we keep him and spend a lot of money next year to keep him.

Angel Alert!

Well, baseball in the month of June has been pretty dull as nothing has changed in the dull and desolate AL East. Red Sox are chillin’ on a very comfortable cushion while the rest of the clubs behind us topple over each other for second. I was getting worried one day about how the Red Sox are in a bit of a slump. But then I look at every other team behind us and see that they’re not doing so hot either. Each teams’, in the last 10 games have gone 6-4 or worse. Yet, in the AL Central, each team has gone 6-4 or better in their last ten games. But, even with all that "excitement" the league still pretty boring. Hopefully, July will be a little more fun.

With the Red Sox still the best team in the league, I take a look around the MLB’s standings and something catches my eye. "Whoa!" I say, "Look at the Angels! They’re 49-30 (.620)! And the Red Sox……oh, my god! They’re only 48-29 (.623). Were about to become the second best team!" I couldn’t believe it! Out of nowhere the Angels are about to be the first team to reach 50 wins! I don’t know how this happened. I just didn’t see it coming. I bet nobody did. Well, all I can say now is "See you in the playoffs!"

Yankees at Red Sox: Game 2 Recap

This game was probably the most exciting Sox game this season. The rivalry of the Yanks and Sox are always great. So many unusual events and a little controversy turned this whole game around. I did not leave my seat as I wanted to see every minute of BoSox TV. I am going to recap this game in inning by inning form. Tell me how you like it. It’s a new thing I’m tryin’ out.

1st Inning: Not much to say about the first inning. Both teams are coming out hitting. Also, both teams left some men on if I remember correctly. Just a regular 1st inning.   0-0

2nd Inning: In the top of the second, the Yankees come out scoring first. Melky Cabrera hit a high, rainbow shot just inside the Pesky Pole. The Red Sox not doing much but still making contact which I like.   0-1

3rd Inning: In the bottom of the third, the Red Sox play a little small ball to get Pena in for their first run which is not typical Boston Baseball. With Pena on second, Coco Crisp bunted to get him to third. So, then with one out, Julio Lugo uses a sacrifice grounder to Jeter to get Pena in to tie the game.   1-1

4th Inning: The Red Sox had a great 4th inning, with stopping the Yankees and hitting very effectively. With a rare bases loaded and 0 outs situation, Lowell singled to left advancing every runner one base. Ortiz came home to score with still 0 outs and bases loaded! But then Varitek couldn’t capitalize it any further as he grounded into a double play where Lowell rammed his head into Cano but Cano still made a great play. But we still got one more run off the double play making it a 3-1 Boston lead.   3-1

5th Inning: No one scored in the fifth. It’s 3-1 and both teams have come to play.   3-1

6th Inning: Things started to fall over the Red Sox in the top of the 6th. Posada got things started for the Yankees with a deep homer into left. A-Rod along with Matsui scored to make it a one run lead. But the Yankees wanted more as Mientkiewicz singled to center to get Melky home from second. 2-run lead for New York now. But in the bottom of the sixth, the Red Sox had the fans thinking about 4 consecutive-homers-night as Lowell and then Varitek hit back to back homers to tie the game.   5-5  Boston Red Sox's Mike Lowell  hits an RBI single in the fourth inning of a baseball game against the New York Yankees, Saturday, June 2, 2007, in Boston.

7th Inning: Jeter shows some power as he hits it over the Green Monster to put the Yanks back on top. But once again the Red Sox put on a late surge in the 7th. With bases loaded again, Lowell delivers with a fielder’s choice to Cano who throws it to Jeter who has to spin around to make the throw to Mientkiewicz. The ball hits the ground and Mientkiewicz has to bend down to get. Now, Lowell is coming quickly and Mientkiewicz’s head is down. So when trying to get the ball, Lowell’s knee has a nasty collision with Mientkiewicz’s head.BOSTON - JUNE 02:  Doug Mientkiewicz 311 of the New York Yankees is taken off the field after after being run into by by Mike Lowell #25 of the Boston Red Sox in the seventh inning on June 2, 2007 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) Mientkiewicz drops the ball and lay head first in the dirt. He later has to be carted off with an injured neck.  Meanwhile, Ortiz scores, Ramirez scores on Jeter’s throwing error and Lowell advances to second. The only out on the play was Youkilis at second. The damage continues to pile on now for the Bombers. Pena hits a ground ball to Jeter possibly a double play which will get them out of the inning. But instead, Jeter can’t handle it as Lowell advances to third and Varitek to second. With bases loaded once again, Coco Crisp sends a nice blooper dropping right in front of the centerfielder. Lowell scores and everyone advances one base. So still bases loaded. Julio Lugo now comes to the plate. He sacrifice flies and Varitek scores whilst Pena moves to third. So now it’s 6-9. With Crisp at first and Pena at third, Pedroia singles to right bringing Pena home to make it a 4-run lead. Finally, the Yankees end their 7th inning woes.   6-10

8th Inning: Yankees can’t seem to comeback from the horrible inning as Okajima sets them down. Red Sox put the final nail in the coffin as Youkilis scores off of Lowell’s double.

9th Inning: Papelbon ends the game with another great pitching performance. He has a great ERA of 1.77. You can’t stop him.

Great game for th Boston Red Sox. Pedroia is doing well with a 12-game hitting streak. Every Sock got a hit that game except Youkilis who did not extend his hit streak. Okajima got his first career win as the Red Sox win 11-6.         

Player of the Month

So during the first real month of the 2007 season, I feel it’s my job to name the player of the month. For me, this one is a no-brainer. Kevin Edmond Youkilis is my guy. This is the hardest I’ve seen him work over any other player any other year. He is the reason we are where we are. Just looking at him play you can see he has his rhythm. He has a 22-game hit streak, which consists of an amazing inside-the-park home-run. This guy is really serious. He has the highest batting average of any first baseman as well as the 3rd best in the MLB. He also as 8 homers and 30 RBIs.

Boston Red Sox' Kevin Youkilis reacts at the dugout after hitting an inside-the-park home run against the Cleveland Indians in the seventh inning of a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston Monday, May 28, 2007.

A high contributor to our team. He also leads the team with 40 runs. If he keeps playing like this, we could have an excellent shot at getting far in the playoffs.

Backround Info:

Kevin Youkilis has always been a true Red Sox player. Playing for the Lowell Spinners, Portland Seadogs, and the Pawtucket Red Sox all in the affiliation of the Red Sox. Along with Manny, David, and Jason I don’t think he’ll be leaving anytime soon. In 2002 he won Minor League Player of the Year with the Portland Seadogs. He made is Major League debut on May 15, 2004. Since then he’s been nothing but helpful. YYYYOOOOUUUUUUKKKK!!!!

Red HOT Sox

1/3 of the way through the season and the Red Sox are the best team in the MLB.  11.5 games in front of the Orioles, and 14.5 games in front of the Yankees. It seems every year the Yankees catch back up. And a lot of people think they can’t do it with Roger Clemens. Let me tell you something. 1 player who doesn’t even play every game can bring a team in this deep of a hole back up. The comeback won’t happen this year, period. I don’t see them getting any better or the Red Sox any worse. Plus, they are tied for LAST. Right now, their goal should be to catch up to Baltimore. That will probably happen, but the Red Sox won’t stop. They have a very good chance of winning the ALCS. I won’t go as far as the World Series. Too far away. But still, there is a chance of that.

I’m trying very hard not to get too cockey. I am just going to relax and enjoy this rare stretch right now. Keep it up Sox!


Finally, Red Sox make a move to get some good players. They’re not aggresive enough. But now, the Red Sox have a decent bullpen. Schilling, Lestor, and Beckett are all coming back. John Papelbon may come back as a starter. And now, we have added a new pitcher from another country! Daisuke Matsuzaka is his name. But is he worth $8M a year? Some people don’t even think he’ll get 15 wins. No japanese pitcher has had a break-through year. Will he be the one?

I am surprised the Yankees didn’t get him. They seem to get everyone. They lose Sheffield, they gain Andy Pettitte. Now Clemens is going to go with him. But right now the Red Sox are in good shape. Manny isn’t going anywhere. I’m telling you right now. For two years now there has been trade rumors at about this time. And look, he is still on their team. They’re are finally gaining players. May even get J.D. Drew if they’re lucky. But overall, I like how the Red Sox are doing things. They are finally getting it together.